About Big Blue Air Corporation

Premier Helicopter Charter and Tour Company.

Our Story

We provide an exciting and unforgettable experience for all who are looking to view the beautiful beaches and captivating backcountry of San Diego County from a unique perspective. Your experience will be sure to last a lifetime as you take an amazing ride in a helicopter!

Big Blue Air Corporation offers several exciting tours, ranging from 8 minutes to 45 minutes. You can choose one of our tours that will keep you along the coastline the entire time, or you can mix it up and choose one of our tours that offers picturesque views of not only the beach, but also the backcountry! The helicopter has four leather seats (three passengers and your pilot), heat, and air conditioning to have you riding in comfort and luxury! Each passenger will have their own seat, seat belt, and Bose noise-canceling headset to listen and talk as we cruise along on your pilot-guided tour. Climb in, buckle-up, and enjoy your flight!

Big Blue Air Corporation

offers our clients a safe, exclusive, and time-saving form of transportation. Our helicopter charter services are approved under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, with all our pilots, aircraft, and insurance meeting the rigorous requirements set forth by the FAA. From aerial surveys and photography, airport shuttles (LAX,SAN,BUR,etc), scenic tours, wine tasting, and custom golf adventures; Big Blue Air, is ready to serve you.

Our point A to point B capabilities offer a timely, cost-effective, comfortable air conditioned trip. We are able to land anywhere off airport with prior approval. We recently upgraded to offer custom, in-flight catering to make your trip most enjoyable!

FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number: UK6A555W. Letter of Authorization: FAA Letter of Authorization Part 91 ID No.: B49JBBAC

FAA Part 135 Certificate
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that all Aircraft Operators carrying passengers for compensation or hire, in point to point operations, known as Charters (On Demand flights) or Air Taxi (Commuter flights) to be operating with an FAA Part 135 certification.

What exactly does this mean?
In order to be transported from one location and dropped off at another, the FAA legally requires the Aircraft Operator to have a FAA Part 135 certification.
If you are in need of helicopter charter services, be sure to ask the operator if they’re a Part 135 Certificated operator and ask them to show you their FAA Part 135 Certification. They will proudly show you their certificate and answer any questions you may have about it.
Operating under a Part 135 Certificate means they are operating as an Air Carrier and adhere to the same rules and safety regulations as the Airlines. The Aircraft Operator is operating to a higher maintenance standard and that their pilots are experienced, qualified, certified and regularly re-certified by the FAA to ensure passenger safety.